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How to prepare

Select on a session below to prepare for your session. Don't hesitate with questions regarding your appointment.

The newborn session covers 2.5 hours of time so plan your day accordingly.
The studio does remain warm so please let everyone that is coming with you know especially dad. Newborns tend to eat a little more than what you're use to so be prepared for this. Bring extra diapers & wipes. Please refrain from brining outfits for your newborn. For best results Brandon will use his swaddles.

The studio does include eveything that is needed for the session but if you would like you may bring 1-3 items to include in the session. Please no fire-arms or weapons.

If you signed up for family or sibling photos it's preferred that we begin with those. It's also encouraged for any younger siblings to be picked up after their part is over the energy of the session. This tends to help the newborn rest better. Feeding time is included in the session time so don't get discouraged if your newborn takes awhile to eat. It's actually better if you feed the baby at the studio.

Remember the day you deliver you must send Brandon a text to schedule your appointment.  The session must take place within the first 5-10 days unless you're in the hopsital or NICU we can work around that. If you haven't reserved a slot with Brandon please make reference to the newborn session pricing page. Don't hesitate with any questions or concerns.
​Thank you for choosing BBP Studios!  

3, 6, 9 months

Three Months

Three month session will be one of the most toughest sessions. The reason is because the in between stages. Most photographers don't offer this session but because we think it's very important to still document this stage we offer it. The most important part of this session is that it happens closer to 4 months. This helps the baby tremendiously & should assist the session flow. Tummy time is the common pose technique during this session so we recommend practicing tummy time a few weeks before the session.

Six Months

Six month sessions are one of our favorites because at this point kids are usually sitting up which makes posing easier but they're not crawling so the session flow is wonderful. We recommend this session taking place around 6.5 months. This helps with mobility. Babies at this age tend to respond to noises & toys so if you have something they enjoy at home be sure to bring it. 2-3 Outfits are recommended for this.

Nine Months

Nine month sessions the babies are usually standing holding on to something (a prop). This is when we usually pull out chairs or crates. If your baby isn't doing this no worries! Crawling is also a common occurance which is super fun! Stranger danger is something that occurs during this age so don't be discouraged if your baby doesn't take to the photographer immediately. If your baby is very reliant on mom or dad we encourage you to enter the studio with someone else holding them so they aren't stuck to the hip when you set them down.  2-3 outfits recommended.

First Birthday


First birthday sessions are very exciting & fun! If you decide to do a cake smash be sure to bring a personal cake. Be careful for fondant icing, it doesn't smash well. Two outfits work out well & then doing cake at the end is best. If you do not do cake you may have three outfits. If you would like you may also bring a few things to include in the session. Some like to bring certain decor pieces from the party to include in the session. If you do a cake smash be sure to bring extra wipes, a towel & a plastic bag for clean up. We do have a cake stand but most of the time it's better to place it on the ground since most kids like to knock the stand over. If you decide to bring balloons we recommend bringing 6 or 7 rotating two colors. Choosing colors that are bold & not see through or neon photograph best. 
Certain kids do  not like to get their hands messy or feel weird with icing on their feet so to help distract them bring a snack they like from home & that tends to help.


If you've signed up for the outdoor session or if you've included family in your birthday session this information will be helpful. You will meet your photographer at Hafer park for the first part of the session then will resume at the studio. They are minutes a part from each other so the travel time is minimal. If your entire birthday session is outdoors then you may do a different location, please contact your photographer to discuss locations.
Recommended 2-3 outfits for the birthday kiddo
One outfit for family photos (if applicable)

15 months & Up

Studio or Outdoors

There's not much preperation for these ages it's just dependant on each situation.
For the session we encourage 2-3 outfits. Dependant on the age bring snacks or a drink may help. If your session is outdoors get in touch with your photographer for locations. If you have anything specicif you want to bring for your session you're more than welcome to. Any immediate questions contact your photographer.



Family sessions take place outdoors at either a park or downtown. Be sure to contact your photographer to figure out exact location. Dependant on the schedule for the day the photographer may need to be in a specific area but for the most part the photographers are able accomidate to requests. Rescheduling due to weather will dependant on the day of. Oklahoma weather changes often so we don't like to reschedule until 4-5 hours before the session. We like to do individuals & groups during family photos but definitely inform your photographer of any specific requests.


Maternity sessions take place outdoors. Locations can be discussed with your photographer. Usually 2-3 outfits work out perfectly. Your partner & kids may join no addiitonal charge. Feel free to bring a couple items if you'd like to include in the session. If you have a specific image you'd like your photographer to try feel free to show them.

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are short & sweet! They may last up to 25 minutes & depending on the mini session will be inside or outdoors. Please arrive 5-10 minute early for prompt start time. Please remember if you're late that counts towards your session time. These sessions are consectively booked back to back. If you have questions about a specific mini please contact the studio.