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newborn sessions with Brandon Burton

Nice to meet you!
"Brandon Here! First off congrats on welcoming a new addition to your family! This time is always so exciting!. If you're seeking newborn photography I sure hope to be of an assistance. Something that most people find interesting about me is that when I first started newborn portraits it was my least favorite thing. I disliked everything about it but I grew fond of it & learned how to love it. Now, newborn photography is a huge part of my career with an average of over 300 newborns a year I'm in love with it! I even started mentoring & teaching other photographers a couple years ago.

Even though it's fun It's definitely a lot of work! This page will help us all remain on the same page & hep you prepare for your session. It's important to know that I reserve a certain number of sessions a month so the best thing to do is request availabiity & secure a slot within your due date month. Your appointment is scheduled the day you deliver. But keep exploring the site & don't hesitate with questions! Thanks for considing me as your newborn photographer!"

Brandon Burton 
BBP Newborn Photographer

The Studio
1193 E. 2nd St. Edmond 73034
(right next to cold stone & walmart on 2nd st in Edmond)

The Process of Hiring Brandon

  1. 1
    Request Availability
    Brandon reserves a certain number of newborns a month. Requesting availability between 3-8 months is recommended. You can request availability below.
  2. 2
    Make Official Reservation
    Based from your due date you'll get notified that Brandon is available with a link to officially make your reservation. To make it official the session fee is due. Once paid you're guaranteed a slot no matter when you deliver as long as you notify him the day you deliver.
  3. 3
    Text Brandon the day you deliver
    Texting Brandon the day you deliver is the way you'll schedule your appointment. You'll receive his cell number via email but if you haven't received it & paid for your session please contact the studio.
  4. 4
    Session takes place within first 10-14 days
    The session must take place within the first 10-14 days of life. This is a crucial part of the session. If you do happen to be in the hospital longer than expected Brandon will work around that but please let him know.
  5. 5
    Viewing/Ordering Session
    Your viewing/ordering session will take place a week or two after your session. At this time a slideshow of your images will be shown & then you'll be able to place your order.
  6. 6
    Pick up your Order
    Your order should be finished & ready for pick up within 2 weeks. You may have the items shipped to your address for additional cost.