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Senior sessions with Amanda Lynn

Nice to meet you!
"Hi, I’m Amanda!  I have a wonderful husband and two amazing kids. We have two rescue dogs, three long-eared Basset Hounds, and several chickens that roam our farm.  I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life with a few years spent in Texas.  

Fall is my favorite time of year because I enjoy taking my kiddos to pumpkin patches and the state fair.  I love to travel and explore new places, but my favorite place to visit is the beach. I rarely go anywhere without my camera and love meeting new people.
Photographing seniors is one of my favorite outlets of being creative! Plus, it's such a humbling & exciting experience to be a part of their new beginnings! I am so excited to be a part of the B.B.P. family and look forward to meeting you!
​Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!"

- Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn
BBP Senior Photographer

Welcoming class of 2017!
Short & Sweet

This package is perfect for a short & sweet senior session. Suggested for guys but girls are more than welcome to utilize the short & sweet package. This session fee covers a viewing session at the BBP Studio
1-2 weeks later & at this time you'll sit with Amanda to view the images & place your desired order.

30 Minutes
1 Outfits
1 location
Just Right

The Just Right session is exactly what it's called. It's just right for any senior session allowing plenty of time, outfit changes & location options. Amanda will walk you through every step of the way! 

45-60 Minutes
2 Outfits
1 locations

Viewing/Ordering Session


The Extension session is the longest sessionw we offer. It's perfect for the senior that wants variety. You'll receive 2-4 outfits, 2 hours, and possibly 2 locations dependant on area. You will also have a viewing session 1-2 weeks later to place an order.

1.5-2 Hours
2-4 Outfits
2 locations (depending on area)

Viewing/Ordering Session

This session type is perfect for you & your friends! The session fee covers the entire group up to 4 friends. This is such a great way to spend your senior year together. These sessions are full of fun & laughter! Individual and group photos will be taken.
1.5-2 Hours
Includes 1-4 Friends
Each person may have 2 outfits
1 location

Group Rate
     ​                          ​Seasonal Category

Seasonal sessions are designed for the senior that wants to have the best of both worlds! Spring AND Fall! These sessions require two seperate viewing & ordering sessions. To qualify for a seasonal session the session fee is due when you book. Don't hesitate to contact Amanda Lynn for questions!

Seasoned Session

The Seasoned session is perfect for the senior that wants best of both worlds. Having a session in the Fall & the Spring will allow for amazing variety & double the fun! The session fee is due when you schedule your first session. Both sessions will require a viewing/ordering session. This is one of our ultimate experiences!

60-90 Minute Session in the Fall & Spring
2-4 Outfits per session
2 locations per session

The Viewing Session

The Studio
1193 E. 2nd St. Edmond 73034
(right next to Cold Stone & Walmart on 2nd st in Edmond)
A viewing session is an appointment that takes place at the BBP Studio 1-2 weeks after your session. It's at this time you'll decide what you want to purchase. There's a $150 minimum order requirement with discs, prints & package options.